The Peterborough Public Library welcomes the use of its meeting rooms by members of the public. As part of its service to the community, the meeting rooms are available for rental to community groups, agencies and organizations. All rentals will be subject to the terms defined by this policy.

The purpose of this Policy is to outline the terms and conditions for the use of meeting rooms at the Main Branch of the Peterborough Public Library. Meeting rooms are primarily provided for Library and Library-related programs and meetings. Once these needs are met, they may be available as public facilities to be booked for meetings, education or training seminars, cultural events, and community interest activities.

Booking Priorities

  • Library and co-sponsored programs
  • Staff training and meetings
  • Library-related groups (e.g.: Friends of the Library)
  • Other City departments
  • Community Groups and organizations


Use of the meeting room by any groups or organization does not constitute an endorsement by the Library Board of the group's policies or beliefs. The Library will not knowingly permit any individual or group to use its facilities in contravention of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Groups using the facilities may not limit attendance on the basis of race, colour, religions, sex, age, sexual orientations, mental or physical disability as defined by the Ontario Human Rights Code, 1990 and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, 1982. Organizations are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and by-laws as well as the Library Rules of Conduct.

The Library may deny applications for use based on the availability of the space, frequency of use, or requests for space by other groups and organizations.


All bookings are made through the staff at the Main Branch of the Library. The Library reserves the right to review the rental application and agreement form. Acceptance or refusal of a specific booking shall be at the discretion of the Library Management. Any person or group so refused may appeal in writing to the Board.


Fees are detailed on the Room Rentals page and are subject to change annually.

Fees must be paid at the time of booking by credit card (MasterCard, AmEx, or Visa), cash, or cheque.

Payment of fees confirms that you agree with the terms and conditions outlined in the room rental contract.  

A NSF (non-sufficient funds) cheque will be subject to a $35 handling charge.


Cancellations made at least 14 days before the booking will be refunded minus a 10% administration fee. No refund will be given if booking is cancelled within 13 days of the date of the booking.

If the library is unable to provide the premises for the Applicant's use due to matters beyond the Library's reasonable control, including but not limited to damage to the premises or labour disruption, then the booking shall be terminated and the Applicant shall be entitled to a full refund. The Applicant will waive any claims for damages or compensation on such account of such termination other than the refund referred to above.

Loss of Rental Privileges

The Library, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to terminate the Applicant's use of the premises:

  • For failure to follow this policy, the Rules of Conduct or the terms of the rental agreement
  • If the applicant has invoices of any sort outstanding for three (3) months


The Library is an alcohol-free facility. No serving of alcoholic beverages is permitted.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Library. The use of open flames, smoke or odour produced by burning aromatic substances such as candles is strictly prohibited.

Publicity & Signage

Publicity and signs by the organization must not imply endorsement by the Library of the content of the program or event. Except for library co-sponsored events, distribution of promotional material in the library is only permitted on the day of the event and must be removed at the end of the event.


The Library is not responsible for theft or loss of articles or property belonging to persons renting Library property arising out of the occupancy by a group.

The Library is not responsible for damage to Library arising out of the occupancy by any person or group. Any damages to Library property must be paid for by the renting persons or group.

Rooms must be left in an orderly and clean condition. Loss or damage to any Library property arising out of the occupancy by a group must be paid for by that group.

It is the responsibility of the renting group to evacuate the room in case of a fire alarm or other emergency.

Booking Information

The Library reserves the right to limit the number of bookings.

Meeting rooms may be booked by phone, in person, or by email.

The booking will be confirmed upon receipt of the completed agreement form and payment in full for the room. If the signed form is not received the room will not be held. If payment is not completed, the room will not be held.

Meeting rooms may be booked up to 12 months in advance based on availability.

Persons or organizations must appoint a contact person who is 18 years old or older, who will sign the necessary documents, make all arrangements and be responsible for equipment and the security/safety of the rooms.


Audiovisual equipment is available at no charge, but must be booked in advance.

Due to limited staff resources, there is no guarantee that library staff will be available to provide audiovisual assistance on the day of the booking. Should training be desired on the use of the audiovisual equipment, it must be arranged at least 1 week in advance.

For the Friends of the Library Community Room only: Use of the kitchen facilities, coffee and tea urns must be requested at the time of application. Use of the kitchen is for serving light refreshments only. The Library does not supply dishes, utensils, or cleaning supplies.

Mandatory Liability Insurance

All facility users are required to carry Liability Insurance. This coverage is for the protection of the facility renter, the City of Peterborough, the Peterborough Public Library and all those participating in the use of the facility during the rental.

Those renting facilities from the Peterborough Public Library will be required to produce a liability insurance certificate in the amount of $2,000,000 per occurrence, including full participant coverage and naming the City of Peterborough and the Peterborough Public Library as additional insured parties.

If renters cannot produce the required certificate, they must purchase the required insurance at a nominal cost through a third party provider as arranged by the City of Peterborough.


Approved by the Library Board 2017.