The primary purpose of the Code of Conduct policy is to provide direction to library members on appropriate behavior on library property.


This policy and related procedures apply to all persons on library property.

The Policy

Our library is a unique gathering place for the promotion of literacy, life-long learning and the exchange of ideas. We welcome people of all ages and abilities. As a public library, we respect your individual rights, while recognizing that they must be balanced with the rights of others, including library staff and other library patrons.

To ensure a happy, healthy and safe environment for everyone in the library please:

  • Follow the policies and procedures that have been developed for the fair and consistent delivery of our services.
  • Directly supervise individuals in your care.
  • Dress in a publically acceptable manner, including both clothing and footwear.
  • Advise library staff of inappropriate activity or violations of the Rules of Conduct that you witness.
  • Be polite and civil to library staff and other patrons.

Thank-you for not:

  • Damaging, stealing, and misusing any library, staff, or patron property.
  • Engaging in any form of behavior that is disruptive, or prevents other patrons from enjoying the library.
  • Using library computers to access pornography, or other inappropriate sites.
  • Possessing, be under the influence of, alcohol (except during licensed events) or controlled substances on library premises.
  • Using electronic devices without earphones in a disruptive way inside the library.
  • Soliciting, selling, or engaging in any illegal activity or unauthorized commercial activity.
  • Taking library materials into the public washrooms, and/or using the washroom for bathing or washing clothes.
  • Exhibiting personal hygiene which is offensive and/or a health risk to others.
  • Bringing animals, other than assistive animals, into the library, or leaving animals unattended at library entrances.


Depending on the severity and frequency of the violation, the Library may:

  • Request proof of identity
  • Inspect your bags, briefcase, purses, etc.
  • Request you to stop the inappropriate activity
  • Take away relevant library privileges
  • Fine you for repairs/replacement costs
  • Advise the appropriate authorities
  • Pursue legal action
  • Ban you from the library property
  • Take other appropriate actions

Authority: Public Libraries Act, Trespass to Property Act, Criminal Code of Canada

Approved by the Library Board June 30, 2015.