The Peterborough Public Library Board of Trustees (Board) is responsible for the establishment, maintenance, and regular evaluation of all framework, governance, and operational policies required to provide guidance and direction for the successful administration and operation of the Peterborough Public Library.

  • The Board shall ensure that all policies comply with relevant legislation, by-laws, policies and procedures.
  • The Board shall encourage the initiation and development of new policies, as required, to reflect changing organizational needs, priorities, and/or government legislation.
  • The Board shall assign the development of procedures resulting from Board approved policies to Library management.
  • The Board is responsible for establishing and reviewing all Governance policies for the Library.
  • The Board shall assign the responsibility of operational policy development to the Library CEO, as well as the implementation of any approved policy. Policies developed will be brought back to the Board for approval before implemented.
  • The Board shall review operational policies every 3 years from the last date of review. Governance polices shall be reviewed every 4 years from the last date of review.  Any Library policy can be brought to the Board for updating if the need arises.

All approved policies will be made public and posted on the Library website, with printed copies being available on request.  


Approved by the Library Board February 11, 2020