The Peterborough Public Library Board supports a policy of full access to Library materials as follows:

All materials in the collection may be used by anyone regardless of age, with the exception of CELA materials.

This policy recognizes that individuals mature socially and in reading comprehension at varying rates, and therefore, have varying needs for information.  This policy also recognizes that parents wish to monitor, by their own family standards, what their children read and that the Library’s role is to be the neutral provider of materials for selection by the borrowers.  The Library’s responsibility remains that of purchasing carefully to meet the wide range of our patrons’ interests.

Responsibilities of the borrower

  1.  To be responsible for all materials borrowed on their card, including payment of any fines or charges incurred. A list of current fines and fees can be found under the Borrowing section of the website.
  2. To present borrower’s card each time Library materials are borrowed, either the physical card or a digital format.
  3. To notify the Library of any change of address or loss of borrower’s card.
  4. To observe the rules of the Library.

Parental/Care giver responsibilities

  1. To ensure that their children, aged 13 and under, observe rules of the Library
  2. To monitor their children’s selection of Library material according to their own family standards.


Approved by the Library Board September 24, 2013.