The Peterborough Public Library strives to create a welcoming, clean, and comfortable environment for the public. To preserve library resources and protect library facilities, the Peterborough Public Library must regulate the consumption of food and beverages in public areas of the building.

  1. The consumption of prohibited and controlled substances is not permitted.
  2. Snacks may be eaten in the library unless signs designate the area as a No Food Area. (e.g. around the computers, microfilm machines, or the Peterborough Collection.) 
  3. Appropriate snacks would be considered as those that do not leave stains or have a strong odour.
  4. Library staff and security have the authority to determine if food and beverages meet the criteria outlined above.
  5. Consuming beverages from lidded containers is permitted in the Library.  



Approved by the Library Board on March 5, 2024.