There are a number of places to park when you visit the Library.

On-Street Parking

You can park at any available metered spots along Simcoe St. and Charlotte St. for up to two hours at a time as well as three free parking spots behind the Library on Bethune St.

Parking Garage

If you are staying longer than two hours you can park at either the Simcoe St. or the King St. garage. View the City of Peterborough Parking Map to see all of the parking lots and garages in downtown Peterborough. 

Accessible Parking

There are a number of accessible parking spots around the Library

  • 2 metered spots on Aylmer St. in front of the library
  • 2 free spots shared with the Shopper's Drug Mart
  • 6 metered spots in the Library Commons, next to the library