WiFi Access

Our WiFi is accessible anywhere in the Library using your own laptop or WiFi-enabled device. In addition to browsing the internet, you can use our network to access and download audiobooks, ebooks, magazines and more items from our digital collection.  

Printing & Scanning

Printing: Print from any of our public computers for $0.15 per page (black and white) or $0.50 per page (colour). Printing is not available from the wireless network at this time. You can print by transferring your file to one of the wired computers or using a USB stick. Staff are available to assist.  

Scanning: You are able to scan documents from our printers to your USB drive. We also have a scanner connected to our Accessible Computer Station.  

Please note, on August 1, 2024 printing fees will change to $0.25 per page (black and white) and $1.00 per page (colour)

Local History & Genealogy Computers at the Main Library

We have 2 computers dedicated for local history or genealogy research. Ask at the Information Desk on the main floor for one of us to log you onto either:

  • a computer which allows you to scan microfilm screenshots and save them to your portable USB drive
  • a computer which provides you with free access to Ancestry.com and other family history websites

Tech Support

If you have a quick troubleshooting question about our computers or software, please ask for help at the Information Desk. Staff can also help you access any of our digital library collections of eBooks, audiobooks, music and videos.

All users must accept our Internet and Computer Use Policy