The library hosts art and photography exhibits throughout our space for the public to view during open hours.

We are always looking for new artists that would like to showcase their work. If you would like to be considered for one of these spots please fill out our Art and Exhibits form.


Art Exhibits


Brigid the Smith by Ronnie Ritchie


Ronnie Ritchie

"Meditations" is a two-part series of mixed media illustrations exploring ideas central to the artist's spiritual practice. Three figurative illustrations consider the three aspects of the Irish goddess Brigid: the Healer, the Poet, and the Smith. Then, four landscapes portray a version of the four elemental gates central to the Sphere of Protection ritual from the Ancient Order of Druids in America.

Ronnie Ritchie is an illustrator, storyteller, and a practicing Pagan living in Peterborough, Ontario. Inspired by Golden Age illustrators and manga artists in Japan, he uses a combination of pen and ink, gouache, and acrylic paint to manifest his spiritual ideas and help re-enchant the world for his audience.

The exhibit will be on display during February 2024 in the Lower Lobby Gallery Space

Painting of Deer by Maria Calista

Snapshots of Brightness

Maria Calista

I do my best artwork when I’m creating it as an expression of my love for someone. When I see their eyes brighten or even fill with tears, when they start dancing around with joy, then I know the hours hunched over my desk were worth it.

I want my art to be snapshots of brightness in this dark world, reminding people of all the goodness and hope that can be theirs.

I most enjoy illustrating in coloured pen, although I also like working with acrylic, oil, and woodburning.

I find drawing outdoors and just being in the forest with the wind swirling about me really helps to inspire my work. My camera is filled with photos of the sunset and sky at all times of the day and night.

A self-taught artist, I have been commissioned to paint pictures as well as design cards and book covers. My work was featured in the international Engage Art Gallery in 2021. My art has also won awards in the local Norwood Fair.

My desire is that people will feel a sense of hope and joy as they look at the stories hiding in my art.  

The exhibit will be on display during March 2024 in the Lower Lobby Gallery Space