The Library is about more than just books, music, and media. We have a growing collection of "things" that you can check out on your library card or use at the Library. Borrowing and sharing things is a great way to save money while also helping out the environment.

Radon Detector

Radon detectors are available for loan to help you assess the risk of exposure in your home.

Borrow a Radon Detector

Family Birdwatching Kit

Check out a Birdwatching Kit on your Library card then head out to discover our feathered friends.

Borrow a Birdwatching Kit

Carbon Dioxide Monitor

Curious about the air quality in your home? You can now borrow a Carbon Dioxide monitor with your Library card!

Borrow a C02 Monitor

Ontario Parks logo

We are excited to partner with Ontario Parks to offer Ontario Provincial Park passes to our members. 

Borrow an Ontario Parks Pass

Disc golf kit wtih three discs and instruction sheet

Interested in trying Disc Golf? Also known as frisbee golf, this game is played by throwing discs at a series of targets along a Disc Golf course. The rules of play are very similar to regular golf. Check out a Disc Golf kit from the library to try your hand at this fun sport!

Borrow a Disc Golf Kit

Watt reader

A Watt Reader is a device that measures the electricity use of your appliances. Plug your appliance into the Watt Reader to discover just how much power it consumes. It's a great way to combat climate change and save you money on your electricity bill. 

Borrow a Watt Reader