alphanumeric keySecret Message Challenge

Can you use this alphanumeric decoder to crack the secret message below?

9   1   5   2   15   7   17 

15  19

8  5  17  15  3 !

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Check out our collection of mysterious books. Learn how to amaze and baffle your family and friends with these 13 Easy Magic Ticks for Kids. If you're looking for some more resources, hoopla has a bunch of magic trick eBooks you can borrow.

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Join Archie and his pals – beautiful Betty, lovely Veronica, devious Reggie and eccentric Jughead – as they do their best to unravel Archie's Weird Mysteries.


Create your own Detective Game or Treasure Hunt.  Keep the kids busy guessing what “treat” will await them at the end of the hunt.

Boy and magnifying glassHere are some Clues you can give your kids & where they each lead:

  1. Getting the first clue will be a joy, look for it where you would put your toys. Location: Toy box
  2. Now that you are playing the game look in the place where we keep your picture in a frame.  Location:   picture of the child
  3. If you want to find more clues look in the place you put your shoes. Location:  where child keeps their shoes
  4. Get up and walk on your feet, you will find the next clue under your favorite seat. Location: where child typically sits
  5. You are finding clues and feeling bold, now go to the place you keep foods really cold. Location: refrigerator or freezer
  6. The next clue is easily seen if you go to the place you go to get clean. Location: bathtub or shower
  7. This isn’t a wild goose chase if you go to the place where you can see your own face.  Location: a mirror
  8. While you are up walking around go to the place where you go to lay down. Location: child’s bed
  9. When you look for the next clue you might want to plug your nose because its hiding where you store your dirty clothes. Location: laundry hamper
  10. You have worked so hard to get every clue, to find out the last one, go where the coffee does brew. Location: coffee pot


Check out these 2 very clever and sneaky paper crafts  – you really won’t believe your eyes!

Keep your secrets safe with this recipe for Invisible Ink. All you need is some basic household objects and the hidden power of lemon juice. 

What you'll need:lemon and Q-tips for invisible ink

  • Half a lemon
  • Water
  • Spoon and Bowl
  • Q-tips
  • White paper
  • Lamp, hair dryer, hot light bulb or oven

What you do:

  1. Squeeze some lemon juice into the bowl and add a few drops of water.
  2. Mix the water and lemon juice with the spoon.
  3. Dip the cotton q-tip into the mixture and write a message onto the white paper.
  4. Wait for the juice to dry so it becomes completely invisible.
  5. When you are ready to read your secret message or show it to someone else, you’ll need to heat the paper.  Kids could try using a hair dryer on a hot setting, or a hot light bulb. They may also need adult help using a clothes iron or putting the paper in the oven on a low setting.

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LEGO Challenge:

Lego marble mazeCan you build a LEGO maze for your cars, or dolls? All you need is a LEGO base plate and a bunch of bricks of various sizes and colours. You can even create a LEGO maze challenge like the dad in this How To Build A LEGO Maze video (he uses Duplo)

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Songs and Rhymes

Here is a Beehive
Here is the beehive, action: make a fist
but where are the bees?
They’re hidden inside where nobody sees
Watch and see them come out of their hive
1, 2, 3, 4, 5… action: open fingers one by one
Bzzzzzzzzzz! action: tickle

A Parent’s Literacy tool box

family reading with young childrenReading counts!  As you read to your child, count objects on the page together to help them strengthen their early math skills. Reading and writing skills can help children analyze, interpret and communicate mathematical ideas.