Canadian Flag Challenge

hands waiving Canadian FlagsThis week we're challenging you to get outside and count how many Canadian Flags you see! Before you begin, guess how many you will see and compare that number to your total at the end of the week?

Fingerplays and Songs

Fingerplay rhymes are a great way to engage with children ages 18 months all the way up to 5 years old. Try them with Kelly first, then practice anytime - you only need your hands and your voice!

Canada by Melanie Mazurek

1, 2 sky so blue.
3, 4 from shore to shore.
5, 6 cultural mix.
7, 8 land so great.
9, 10 Canadian!

A House for Me

This is a nest for Mr. Bluebird (cup hands together)
This is a hive for Mrs. Bee (make a fist)
This is a hole for bunny rabbit (make a circle with thumb and forefinger)
And this is a house for me (place fingertips together to form a roof peak overhead).

This Land is your Land – This version was written and popularized by Canadian folk music group The Travellers in 1955.

Crafts and Activities

Snap a photo of your creations each week and share them with us on social media! You can tag us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter and use #PPLSummer2020

Sidewalk Chalk Activity

Canada chalk image with two girls laying beside it

Since we can't go very far right now we're sharing a creative way to celebrate Canada Day and to decorate your sidewalk or driveway. Get creative with your own ideas, or use our photo as inspiration. If you need a little help, check out this Maple Leaf template and if you don't have sidewalk chalk at home give this homemade sidewalk chalk paint recipe a try! 

Maple Leaf Bird Craft

What you need:picture of paper bird craft

  • Bird template
  • 1 piece each of card stock red and white paper. If you don't have red you can use any colour you have on hand
  • glue or tape, scissors and markers

To Make:

  1. Print and cut the bird template and set aside
  2. Fold your red and white paper in half and then trace around the bird template with the dotted line along to fold in your paper.  On your red maple leaf, cut along the red line in the pattern (it should be in the fold). On your white maple leaf cut along the dark blue line.
  3. Fold the remaining red paper in half and cut out the beak. Glue or tape the beak to the underside of the white leaf where is is shown in the template.
  4. Using the markers, draw eyes or other designs on your bird - make it your own!

To make the leaves turn into a bird: Pinch the folded white leaf body together at the eyes, then, with the folds lined up, slide the slit edges of the red leaf wings under the triangular flap, and down the body, along the green lines. Share your finished creations with us on social media using  - don't forget to tag us so we can see your pictures!

We found this craft on the Canadian Living website.

Great Canadian Collection

You can borrow lots of Canadian themed items from the library through Curbside Pickup or from one of our digital resources.

book icon Books

The TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award recognizes the most distinguished book of the year in any genre, written by a Canadian for children ages 1 through 12 years old. 

TD Canadian Children's Literature Award Winners 
TD Canadian Children's Literature Award Finalist

magazine iconMagazines - Pressreader

Three Kayak MagazinesInstantly access Kayak, Canada’s History Magazine for Kids through PressReader. Kayak magazine is designed to catch the imagination of 7- to 12-year-olds. Every issue introduces children to the who, what, when, where, why and how of Canada's fascinating stories, and shows them our history in context with today's world!

Television icon Television - Hoopla Digital

More Activities Eh?

Kids Activity Sheets:
Yummy Canadian Themed Recipes:
Kids Weekly Trivia:

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LEGO Challenge:

Image of Maple Leaf made out of LEGOCan you build this maple leaf out of LEGO? It doesn't have to be red and white if you don't have pieces in those colours - use your imagination, make it blue or green or even purple!

Share your creations with us on social media!

Family Literacy Tips and Tricks

Member question: “My child wants to hear the SAME story over and over and OVER, is that okay?”mom and child reading under a blanket in the dark

YES It is! The goal is for your child to enjoy their time with books even if reading the same one over and over can make a parent go a little crazy. Right now life can be a little scary, so knowing how a story ends or reading a familiar book can be very comforting for a child. Additionally, if your child is not reading on their own yet memorizing a book can build their confidence, including letter and word recognition needed to help develop their reading skills.