Explore new books, authors, and genres as you complete our 2022 Reading Challenge. Read or listen to one book from 12 categories before the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 2022. 

We'll highlight a category each month, but you can finish the challenges in any order.

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Your 2022 Reading Challenges:

  • January: A debut book
  • February: A book related to Black History
  • March: A book with a strong female lead
  • April: A book set mostly outdoors
  • May: A book set in Asia
  • June: A book by an Indigenous author
  • July: A book featuring a dynamic duo
  • August: A book set in the future
  • September: A book by an LGBTQ+ author
  • October: A book about something that scares you
  • November: A book by a local or Indie author
  • December: A book you’ve read before

Once you've completed your 12 book challenges, please submit your entry online to enter our draw to win a prize.  No good read should go unrewarded!

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