Watt Reader plugged into wallCheck out a Watt Reader on your library card! 

A Watt Reader is a device that measures the electricity use of your appliances. Plug your appliance into the Watt Reader to discover just how much power it consumes. It's a great way to combat climate change and save you money on your electricity bill. 


Each Watt Reader Kit includes:

  • A P4400 Kill a Watt reader
  • An instruction sheet

How to borrow a Watt Reader

Ask at the Main Check-Out desk. Watt Readers are also available in our catalogue for members to place a hold and pick up when notified.

Loan Periods and Limits


Loan Period



Replacement Cost

Items /Card

Watt Reader

21 days






Watt Readers are provided by the Peterborough Utilities Group.