Jadyn Recommends

Even though Peterborough celebrates Pride in September, many people are looking to participate in Pride month and increase their engagement with LGBTQ+ content. Below is a mixed list of books that cover different aspects of LGBTQ+ ranging from teen romance to learning to grow and discover yourself through hardship. These are all important in their own aspects and would be great additions to your Pride month reading list!

 Two-Spirit JourneyA Two-Spirit Journey: the Autobiography of a Lesbian Ojibwa-Cree Elder By Ma-Nee Chacaby

A story focused on Indigenous resilience and self-discovery. Chacaby’s story follows the impacts of colonialism and growing up facing racism, abuse, and addiction. Along the way, Chacaby was attempting to find herself and understand her sexuality. Through the hardships Chacaby was able accept her sexuality and create an environment where others can feel accepted and loved.

LakeLore By Anna-Marie McLemore (Electronic Resource)Lakelore

A fantasy novel featuring two non-binary teens that have to work together after not speaking for 7 years. Underneath the lake there is a beautiful land rumored to be half-air, half-water. It’s a book about secrets, trust and magic where the concepts of gender, race, and neurodiversity are explored.


She Drives Me CrazyShe Drives Me Crazy By Kelly Quindlen

As a result of a fender bender, high school nemesis, Scottie and Irene have to start driving to school together every day. While it starts as an annoyance for the two girls, the opportunity to get back at Scottie’s ex and make her jealous, Irene and Scottie begin to fake date. In true rom-com style this fake dating leads to a blurring of lines between what is real and fake.



Jonny Appleseed By Joshua WhiteheadJonny Appleseed

While trying to find himself in life and make a living, Jonny must return to his family life to attend his stepfather’s funeral. Being a young Two-Spirit/Indigiqueer sex worker, returning to his old life is a terrifying thought. Through this return, Jonny is forced to come face to face with his life and family and try and make peace through hardship.

The GuncleThe Guncle By Steven Rowley

Patrick has always been the fun gay uncle for his niece and nephew to go on vacation with, but when tragedy strikes, he finds himself as the primary guardian for these kids. Having lived a kid-free life up until this point Patrick finds himself in over his head with responsibility. Humour and love are what help Patrick support his niece and nephew though hardship and create a new kind of family.


Iron Widow By Xiran Jay ZhaoIron Window

Zetian is an amazing pilot and assassin trying to fight her way through a misogynistic group of pilots fighting mecha aliens along the Great Wall. The men rely on women for a psychic link to fly but the women often die from mental strain. Zetian seeks to change this. Featuring bisexual main characters, this sci-fi fantasy is a story of revenge, power and justice.


Felix Ever AfterFelix Ever After By Kacen Callender

Felix is comfortable with his identity, as a black, queer transgender person, people can be cruel. An anonymous student begins sending Felix transphobic messages and aims to publicly shame him. In order to get revenge on this person, Felix finds himself in a love triangle and a catfish scenario. The story explores young love while navigating identify and self-discovery.


A History of my Brief Body By Billy-Ray BelcourtA History of my Brief Body

A collection of essays focusing on Belcourt’s life explored through grief, love, family, Indigenous identity, and queerness. Concepts of colonialism and its impact on Indigenous life are explored as well as familial relations through Belcourt’s worldview. A raw look at the authors identity and experiences.