Recommendations by Laura M

Girl Power - Celebrating international Women's Day!

Today is International Women’s Day (March 8) – a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women as well as a call to action for accelerating women’s equality. As such, I have dedicated this blog post to calling out titles that help to honour and encourage girls and young women. Enjoy!

I am enough book jacket coverI am enough by Grace Byers (4-8 years)

I am enough is an empowering picture book for girls that encourages loving yourself, respecting others and being kind to one another. It is full of delightful illustrations that promote the themes of acceptance and inclusion.

I love that it has such a big message and puts it so simply and clearly. For instance, “I know that we don’t look the same: our skin, our eyes, our hair, our frame. But that does not dictate our worth; we both have places here on earth.” Beautiful!

Fairy tales of fearless girls book jacket coverFairy tales of fearless girls by Susannah McFarlane (5-9 years)

This chapter book includes four fairy-tale retellings that showcase the heroines making their way to “happily every after” using their own resourcefulness and personal skills. For instance, Little Red Riding Hood uses her grandmother’s herbal lore to outwit the wolf and Rapunzel engineers her own escape.

It’s a fantastic jumping off point for readers to come up with their own ideas on how tales could be told differently if…(you fill in the blanks).


Strong is the new pretty book jacket coverStrong is the new pretty by Kate T. Parker (nonfiction, 8-12 years)

Strong is the new pretty is a collection of photographs of girls. Each photograph is accompanied by a personal quote that captures their strength, determination, and silliness!

I think that it’s so powerful to see each girl photographed being themselves and to be able to hear something they have to say in their own words! It gives readers the opportunity to flip through the book and chance upon someone who they can easily relate to.


Noisemakers book jacket coverNoisemakers: 25 women who raised their voices & changed the world by Kazoo Magazine (graphic novel, 8-12 years)

Noisemakers is a collection of comics about 25 incredible women who “made some noise” – raised their voices, spoke out, asked questions and demanded answers. Women who dared to be strong and smart and fierce and true to themselves. The comics are done by 25 women and non-binary cartoonists. Each cartoon is unique and gorgeous.

It is divided into six categories, such as: play, create and rally. Each story starts with an introduction to the woman featured (text and photo), and includes a list that readers can go through to note all the things they might have in common. For instance, for Maya Angelou the list includes: I believe all people, I’m creative, I know that what I have to say is important. I love how these lists help put readers in conversation with each “noisy” woman!


Little dreamers book jacket coverLittle dreamers: visionary women around the world by Vashti Harrison (biography, 9-12 years)

Little dreamers includes true stories of over 35 women creators and thinkers from around the world. Each woman has a one-page biography accompanied by a full-page portrait. There is a glossary and a list for further reading, watching and listening.

The author calls these women visionaries, in that they had a vision for the future and didn’t let anything get in the way. I like that. I also like that she wanted to showcase stories about creative people – artists and scientists – in the same place and to highlight that both fields (science and the arts) require critical thinking and inventiveness. Yes!