Recommendations by Kelly H

Family is Love - February 15th is Family Day 

family may mean something different to everyone. To some, the meaning of family is a group of people with shared DNA and ancestry. To others, family has nothing to do with genes and everything to do with love and support.  

Many children may assume that their family unit is the default for everyone—until they are introduced to the beautiful and unique sizes and shapes that can combine to make a family.

I have gathered a few children’s books that communicate how having different variations of families in our world is enriching for us all.  

The Family Book book jacket coverThe Family Book by Todd Parr (2-4 years) 

The Family Book celebrates the love we feel for our families and all the different varieties they come in. Whether you have two moms or two dads, a big family or a small family, a clean family or a messy one, every family is special in its own unique way 


Families Families Families book jacket coverFamilies, Families, Families by Suzanne Lang (3-7 years)  

No matter your size, shape, or pedigree — if you love each other, you are a family! Moms, dads, sisters, brothers — and even Great Aunt Sue — appear in dozens of combinations, demonstrating all kinds of non-traditional families!  


A Family is a Family is a Family book jacket coverFamily is a family is a family by Sara O’Leary (4-8 years) 

A child is worried that her family is just too different to explain. Nevertheless, as each of her classmates describes who they live with and who loves them — the child realizes that because her family is full of caring people, her family is perfect and incredibly special. 


The Lotterys Plus One book jacket coverThe Lotterys Plus One by Emma Donaghue (8-12 years) 

So far, there are two middle grade novels in this quirky, fun and diverse Lottery family series. The Lotterys are made up of four parents, too many children to count—some of whom are adopted—and many, many pets.  



The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher book jacket coverThe Misadventures of the Family Fletcher by Dana Alison Levy (9-12 years) 

These misadventures follow a family with two fathers, four adopted boys, and a variety of pets as they make their way through a school year with kids in kindergarten through sixth grade. They also must deal with a grumpy new neighbour.  



Other titles to consider:

A Family for Louie by Alexandra Thompson

When Father Comes Home by Sarah Jung

Blended by Sharon Draper

A Home for Goddesses and Dogs by Leslie Connor