Recommendations by Karen C

This blog post is a flashback to the not-so-distant past when the Library was shut down due to the Pandemic. Dine In Online - Your Library @ Home was adapted from a script Karen C wrote for one of our What to Read Next videos which “premiered” on Facebook in May 2020.

Welcome to Your Library Chez Maison! I’m Karen, and I will be your server today. Have you dined with us before? No? Well, you are in for a treat at your community’s free online destination – we’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year ‘round! Here is your menu. Now, please don’t let our vast catalogue of online delicacies from around the world intimidate you; I assure you, there is something for everyone here! Would you like me to make some suggestions today?

Set the Mood: Music for Dining

Open new window to discover other music for diningTo set the mood for your dining experience, I would like to draw your attention to our Hoopla menu of music for dining. If you are looking for a classic dining experience, Dining with Mozart, or Zoomer’s Choice # 2: Perfect Dining Music , or Italian Dinner Party Music might appeal, depending on your choice of entrée. But, if you would prefer something more contemporary, we have Jazz Club’s Jazz for Dining or even An Hour of Music for Cocktails & Dancing from the Glen & Jack Varney estates.

Whet Your Appetite with a Spicy Appetizer

Like Water for Chocolate movie posterNow, will you be ordering appetizers today? I suggest you whet your appetite with a spicy Mexican movie-based-on-a-book: Laura Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate is a love story of two star-crossed lovers, Tita and Pedro, who are passionately in love. Sadly, their love is forbidden by an ancient family tradition. In desperation to be near the love of his life, Pedro agrees to marry Tita’s older sister. As the cook for her family, Tita expresses her passion for Pedro through the preparation of delectable dishes. Tita is no ordinary cook, though – by her hand, ordinary spices become a recipe for passion, bringing tears of longing, heated desire or chronic pain and indigestion in this tale of magic realism. Do Tita and Pedro ever get the chance to reignite their youthful flame? You’ll have to watch it to find out!

Try a Robust Culinary Cozy of an Entrée

Once your taste buds have been tantalized by passionate spices, I recommend you follow up with a robust culinary cozy of an audiobook entrée like the rich, South African tale Recipes for Love & Murder by Sally Andrew. Tannie Maria (Tannie meaning Auntie, the respectful Afrikaans address for a woman older than you) is a middle-aged widow who likes to cook - and eat. She shares her culinary love as a recipe columnist for the local paper until she is asked to take on an advice column. Tannie Maria ends up doing what she knows best: offering wisdom to the desperate and lovelorn via her mouth-watering recipes. Assisting other people with their problems, Tannie Maria is eventually forced to face her own issues, especially when the troubles of those she helps touch on the pain of her past. When a woman is murdered, Tannie Maria becomes dangerously entwined in the investigation, despite the best efforts of one striking detective determined to keep her safe. Suddenly, this practical, down-to-earth woman is involved in something much more sinister than perfecting her chocolate cake recipe.

End Your Meal on a Sweet Note

Food and Travel magazine coverAnd if you have room after all that wonderful South African food, I highly recommend flipping through the October 2021 issue of Food and Travel. One of several autumn recipes you may enjoy is the Miso Caramel Cheesecake Tarts with Miso Caramel Cream.

While I go get you some water, I’ll leave you to think about your choices for a few minutes – feel free to ask me or any other Library Staff any questions before you place your order!