Visiting Library Services

Your Library will come to you!

The Visiting Library Service (VLS) is a free delivery service to the homes of those who are unable to visit the library because of illness, age or disability.  

Our Library staff will work with you to choose titles, and a Visiting Library Service Volunteer will deliver materials to your door, and will pick up completed materials.

You can also designate a family member or friend to pick up and return your items to the library.

Who is eligible? Individuals who are: 

  • Physically disabled
  • Advanced in age
  • Suffering from a long-term illness
  • Temporarily ill
  • Residing in a nursing home
  • Residing in a retirement residence
  • Children suffering from a long-term illness
  • Confined to home due to an accident

We provide regular and Large Print books, audiobooks, magazines and more.


For more information or to speak to our Visiting Library Coordinator contact the library at 705-745-5382 ext. 2321 or email us.