Healthy Families Collection Resource Lists

The following resource lists will help you find materials on some of the most asked-about parenting topics. You can click on a topic for a bibliographic list that is linked to the library catalogue, and if you click on the Download PDF link for a printable list of library resources associated with that topic. Also, you can check out the web-links associated with each topic for further online information.

Resource Lists For Further Information
ADHD (Adults)

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Children & Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

ADD/ADHD Blog of Dr. Kenny Handelman

Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance

Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada

ADHD (Children)

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Children & Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

ADD/ADHD Blog of Dr. Kenny Handelman

Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance

Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada
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Children's Mental Health Ontario

Canadian Paediatric Society

Anxiety BC: Resources, Results, Relief


Anxiety & Depression Association of America

Asperger Syndrome

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The Asperger's Society of Ontario

ABA Educational Resources

Use Visual Strategies


Autism Pervasive Developmental Disorders

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Autism Society of Ontario

Autism Canada Foundation

Autism Help

Autism Speaks Canada

Behaviour Problems

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Children's Mental Health Ontario

KidsHealth- Emotions and behaviour

The Successful Parent

Focus Adolescent Services


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Breastfeeding Online

La Leche League Canada


Peterborough Public Health

International Breastfeeding Centre

Infant Feeding Action Coalition Canada

Bullies & Teasing

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Bullying Canada

Canadian Children's Rights Council

KidsHealth - Helping Kids deal with Bullies

Kids Help Phone

Public Safety Canada

Coping with Illness/Disability

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Sick Kids' Hospital

Canadian Paediatric Society

Kids Have Stress Too


Depression and Mood Disorders

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Canadian Mental Health Association Ontario

Mood Disorders Association of Ontario

Mood Disorders Society of Canada

National Youth Network

The Successful Parent

Early Literacy

Reading Rockets

Storytime Standouts


Mama Lisa's World

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FASD)

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FASD Peterborough

Provincial Outreach Program for FASD

FASD Child Welfare

FAS World

The Asante Centre

Grief and Bereavement

Bereaved Families of Ontario

The Healing Place

Grief and Children

Healthy Eating/Body Image

Eat Right Ontario

Ellyn Satter

Learning Disabilities
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Learning Disabilities Association of Canada

Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario
Learning Disabilities Association of Peterborough
Learning Disabilities: Books for Children
  (see above)
(see above)
Mental Health

ABCs of Mental Health

Speaking of Kids' Mental Health

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About Kids Health

Today's Parent


Baby Center

Parents Matter

Parenting Teens
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Middlesex London Health Unit

Growing Healthy Canadians

Triple P Ontario

Canadian Paediatric Society - Teens

Pregnancy and Childbirth
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Becoming a Dad

Best Start Resource Centre

Peterborough Public Health

Healthy Pregnancy Guide

Prenatal and Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

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Pacific Post Partum Support Society

Postpartum Support International

Kids Health - Developing your Child's Self-Esteem

Parents 2 Parents

Canadian Paediatric Society - Self Esteem

Strengthening Self-Esteem

Dr. Richard Lavoie

Separation & Divorce: Books for Adults

Four Counties Family Mediation

Separation & Divorce: Books for Children


Sexual Abuse

About Kids Health - Inappropriate Sexual behaviour

Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies: Signs for Abuse

BOOST: Child Abuse Prevention & Intervention


About Kids Health - Sex Education

Talking to your child about Sexuality

10 Ways to help your children grow up sexually healthy

Kids Health - Understanding Early Sexual Development

Masturbation in Young Children

Teen Issues

Teens Health

Canadian Paediatric Society - Teen Health

About Kids Health - Information for Teenagers